Stories & Essays

Short Fiction

“Being an Account of the Town of Marietta, Ohio, at Her One-hundredth Year” in the Portland Review (Spring 2018)

“Spinning Coins” in the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row (2015)

“Senator, Senator” in Barrelhouse (Fall 2013), also featured on Longform

“Just Because You Can” in Colorado Review (Fall/Winter 2013)

“Père David Speaks of the Panda” in Image (Fall 2013), Pushcart Prize honorable mention

“Don’t Let Them Catch You” in The Iowa Review (Winter 2012), Pushcart Prize winner

“A Tree Full of Honey” in Sibling Rivalry Press (Fall 2012)

“Limbs” in Five Chapters (September 2012)

“Honors Track” in The Atlantic Monthly (June 2012)

“Moving Fronts” in Salamander (Winter 2010/11), cited as a distinguished story of 2010 in Best American Short Stories 2011


“Writing a Long Novel is a Feminist Act” in The Hairpin (August 18, 2017)

“Second-Wave White Flight” in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (October 4, 2014)

“Being White And Middle Class, We Had Many Advantages. And We Used Them To Leave North St. Louis” in The Root (August 28, 2014)

“Written in the Book” in Image (Spring 2014)

“Zhuang Zhou Dreams He’s a Butterfly” in Michigan Quarterly Review (Spring 2011)